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"We applaud "Bounce for targeting boys of this age group who are dealing with difficult family challenges and life changing loss issues."

- Barbara Butner, Executive director, Calm Waters Center for children and families, a non profit organization dedicated to helping children and families of death and divorce

"In the game of life, 'Bounce' is an instant winner. Monica Epperson jumps inside the mind of a child to reveal the heartfelt questions, doubts and fears concerning a family break-up. Most importantly, 'Bounce' lets kids know that even when times are tough, everyone is on their team."

- Joe Kovacs, Award-winning Journalist and Author

“Children going through tough changes like divorce can use physical activity as a therapeutic outlet to deal with all of the emotions and uncertainty that they are feeling at the time.  ‘Bounce’ is a good tool to encourage children, especially boys, to stay in the game even if the game gets tough.”

- Sean Call, Publisher, Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine

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